Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Very Own LIttle Identity Crisis

It's difficult for me to find a space sometimes in the online community. I search and search for many other Latina bloggers and I feel like sometimes I just don't click. It seems that the online Latina community that I tend to run into is mainly of the mommy blogger variety, and I'm just not really into that so much.

I've been meeting other feminist bloggers, and sometimes I can't find a space in the feminist community. Some feminists can be so damn judgmental. With some I feel like I have to hide that I am a sex positive feminist. With other white feminists (some), I feel like they don't get when I am looking at something from the perspective of a woman of color. But then again, I'm slowly starting to meet other feminists who accept sex positive feminism, who are politically to the left, and who try to understand the perspectives of feminists and/or womanists of color. 

I've been meeting many African American women who I have really been connecting with online lately. It makes me feel connected in a way, because I have deep ties to the African American community due to our shared sense of oppression. But I still feel a tad bit uncomfortable that there aren't many Latinas out there that I seem to connect with in the virtual world. Well, I'll live. 


  1. I can't say I know much about the Latina blog community (except to say mommy blogs definitely know no colors! they're everywhere!), but I'm finding out that the feminist blog community is a little tricky too. MUCH more judgmental than I ever thought it would be, and that sucks. I've always thought "feminism" encompassed a wide variety of women (and some men), with a general common theme perhaps, but lots of viewpoints. I don't really get that sense from most blogs I come across. I'm open to conversation on nearly any topic, and I find I have my own conflicting views on some aspects of feminism. I think most feminists do. But you wouldn't know it based on what a lot of them say online!

  2. I know, it's really amazing the huge spectrum of feminism that is online. Hey, I'm okay with totally different views but I can't stand the "you aren't a feminist if you criticize Sarah Palin" bullshit or any of the judgmental attitudes about sexuality. And the women who claim feminism yet seem like major right wingers are totally astounding to me.

  3. I don't understand the "feminist" right-wingers either. Most of what I've read on the subject sounds like they're just trying to redefine feminism into something along the lines of "we're better women than you are." Totally missing the point.