Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's on My Reading List Today??

Here are some things that I've been reading in the LA Times today and are on my mind:

1) Two Sides to Sonia Sotomayor: Um, is there a problem with standing up for minority rights? I bet the racists are shaking in their boots imagining that if Sotomayor is on the Supreme Court that "those people" will take over the country by actually having the nerve to have equal protection under the law! Imagine that.

2) Spitting in the Eye of Mainstream Education: I just can't fucking believe this article. What part is pissing me off the most? Is it that the charter school openly recruits capitalists who subscribe to free market theory and openly supports union busting? (It's supposed to be public education, jackasses.) Or is it the part when the CEO of the charter school asked if the Jews and Chinese were stupid enough to ask the public school to teach about their culture? I suggest that he take a stroll over to San Francisco Unified School District, where the district continues to be under Lau v Nichols regulations as a result of the lawsuit regarding bilingual education that Chinese parents brought over 40 years ago.

What pisses me off about it all is that the fucking school is called "American Indian Public Charter School". What, are we going back to the "Indian boarding schools" days when they would hijack American Indian youth, cut of their hair, not let them visit their homes, stamp out their language, teach them that the people in their culture were a bunch of savages? This type of school remind me of the Indian boarding schools documented in the book: "Education for Extinction: American Schools and the Boarding School Experience 1875 to 1928".

The sad thing is that although the article is titled "Spitting in the Eye of Mainstream Education", this is pretty much as close to mainstream education as you can get. What's the difference really between this school and other schools in California? Minority children are denied a quality education in most schools, students are treated as if they are in the military, teachers have narrowed the curriculum and pretty much only teach to the test, and the curriculum is basically from a white, middle class perspective, despite the claim from right-wingers that schools are a bunch of liberal melting pots.

The main difference between this fucked up charter school and others is that the school practices corporal punishment in the form of public humiliation such as shaving heads and forcing kids to wear humiliating signs--you know, the types of punishment that are actually outlawed in public schools??

Saturday, May 30, 2009

All About Me!!

I've been having such a fabulous time blogging lately, so I figured that I would start another blog! (I must obviously not have enough time on my hands, qué no? I don't really know how this blog is going to be any different than some of my other blogs, but I suspect that I will probably focus more on race issues and will have less adultish themes to it. (ha, we'll see how long that lasts). We'll see how it goes, and if I find that I just end up writing everything on my other blog then so be it.

I figured that I would take the opportunity to introduce myself.

I am a 33 year old Latina feminist living in Los Angeles, California. I am a school administrator and am obsessed with the field of education. I was a bilingual educator for a number of years and now I am in the area of school finance, institutional leadership and educational law and policy. 

I'm pretty obnoxious, feisty and so far to the left that democrats often look like right wing assholes in my mind. I curse a lot, so much in fact that sailors have been known to blush in my presence. I have no inner monologue and I say whatever happens to be on my mind. I am fearless and I try to subvert the status quo in almost everything that I do. 

I am not married and have no children. I do not believe in marriage or monogamy at the moment. I have been in a very unconventional (to say the least) relationship with a male for the past twelve years; our relationship is open and I date other people if I feel like it while he chooses to be monogamous to me. 

My interests and some of the things that I will be blogging about here are: education, diversity, multilingualism, race and culture, feminism, politics, California history, leadership, and anything else that catches my interest at any given moment. Let's just say that I have a pretty stressful job during the day, and blogging releases some of my pent up frustrations.

Oh, and one more thing-I have been known to be mean and I am always plotting, planning and scheming to take over the world. 

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be here for a little bit before I move over to a hosted account.