Saturday, August 29, 2009

Latinos on Television Shows

I just watched the show "In Plain Site" on, a site which shows television shows online. In the beginning of the show, there is a clip of a woman standing in front a bunch of working class looking workers and holding an labor rally. She is speaking in English with a thick accent. Suddenly police officers bust in and they arrest her and are ready to kill her. Then the US government busts in and saves her and puts her in protective custody so that they people of Argentina will rise up against the president because they will think that the president killed her.

My first question I asked myself was: Why the hell was the lady holding a labor rally in English? Stu-pid. Why didn't the show just show her organizing in Spanish and have subtitles?

My second observation was that the labor organizer was very light skinned, while the workers all had darker skin. Go figure.

Later in the show, they move her as a witness to Albuquerque in the US, and she moves into a bad neighborhood with tons of Latino thugs, gangsters, and drug dealers. Uh, I am getting so sick of all of these shows portraying Latinos as if they are all a bunch of thugs.

But whose fault is this, really? The Latino actors are just as complicit in perpetuating these fucked up stereotypes because they choose to accept parts that show them as Latino gangsters. Enough already-they need to stop with this madness.